We’re two friends who dig taking photos…



We are passionate about artistic expression, intrigued by people, in awe of nature and in love with life.
Forget over-the-top setups or illusions of grandeur;
we’re all about those stolen moments ~ intimate, natural, real-life moments.


The moments that really matter


We’re doing what we love (which means we love what we do!) and it brings us great joy to turn our passions into purpose.
We’re down-to-earth, energetic and excited to capture the essence of who YOU are.
We can’t wait to make memories with you ♥

I hail from:

Good ‘ol Durban

My Super Power:

The ability to feel & connect with a stranger’s raw emotion without conversation { too deep? }

A few of my favourite things:

Missing my husband when he goes away, my dogs & anyone else’s dogs. The ocean, all things nature & sleep!

If my life had a theme song, it would be:

“Let it go” – Frozen

My biggest pet peeve:


A fun fact about me you didn’t know:

I once wanted to be a real life archaeologist



Cape Town, baby!

My best party trick:

Consuming all the popcorn before anyone notices it’s gone. All of it.

A few of my favourite things:

My family, belly-laughing, country life, salty sea hair, creatures great & small, day-dreaming.

I totally geek out when:

I discover a new gadget/life-hack. I’m a closet nerd for sure!

My biggest weakness:

A free buffet, puppy breath, red wine by the fire, food. I’ll stop there.

My ‘not-so-secret’ secret:

I’ve never dyed my hair. True story.

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